Holstein Québec Picnic

For over 70 years, in July, members of the Association and their families gather for the traditional Holstein Québec Picnic. Since the event is hosted by a new region every year, it is the perfect opportunity to discover different herds.

The host club organizes various activities, in addition to the W.K. MacLeod (animal expertise) and Gladu (showman competition for youth) competitions, a wine and cheese and a roast dinner.

Be there!

Holstein Québec Picnic

Ferme Fleury et fils welcomes over 3 000 visitors!

More than 3,000 people took advantage of the beautiful day on Friday to take part in the 70th edition of the Holstein Québec Picnic at F

Pique-nique Holstein Québec

at Ferme J.M.S. Amities à Ferme Neuve.

Details coming soon!


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