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La Revue March 2019

Master Breeders
A glimpse into the Fleury, Front View, Jolibois, Okadale and Rodveil herds

La Revue Decembre 2018

Foreign labor
Valuable resource, demanding process

Ferme de la Côte
Proud to be 100% Lanaudoise

Ferme Forest
Dawyne is the mainspring

La Revue October 2018

Evaluating production
The numbers have a lot to say

Ferme Lesbertrand
A prefix to discover

La Revue July 2018

Ferme Roggua
Prospering with a young herd

Contemplating retirement
A great idea!

La Revue May 2018

Herd Profiles
Ferme Drapeau et Bélanger
Harnessing the power of genomics

Ferme Rhétaise
An unrelated succession takes charge of the herd

La Revue December 2017

Breeder Profiles
Ferme Bri-Mer
​Conformation first

Silverstream Herd
Giving heifers the best
​chance for succes

La Revue October 2017

Breeder Profiles
Ferme Jeanlu
​Selection and management go hand in hand

Ferme Garay
High-end genetics in the pipeline

July 2017

Breeder Profile - Ferme Buroco
A little expo and a lot of milk



A tool for a maintaining good relations

Revue May 2017

Managing a large herd
- Breeders too must adapt their ways
Herd Profiles
- Ferme Charpentier et frères and Ferme Berni,
These large herds are models of the genre



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